Remedial Teaching

It is a multifaceted approach, tailoring remedial intervention plans to a child’s specific needs. It makes use of one-on-one instruction, small group instruction, written work, verbal work, smart board and computer-based work.

Remedial Therapy focuses on skills rather than on content. These skills include visual discrimination, perceptual organisation, laterality, sequencing, abstract reasoning, auditory processing, sound recognition, blending, segmenting, phoneme manipulation, mathematical operations, focusing and eye tracking.

Brain Gym & Cogmed online training program

Brain Gym is made up of simple and enjoyable movements and activities that we use with our students in educational kinesiology to enhance their experience of the whole brain learning.Cogmed is an online memory development programe to improve attention, academic performance and behavior in children.

Life Skill

Life Skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

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