Dyslexia is a learning disorder that many individual suffer from, we Cognito Academy serving friendly dyslexia school in Coimbatore. In the past people suffering from this condition were simply though to be dumb, but new studies show that these individual have a lot that they can teach us. Dyslexia is a brain disturbance that decreases the person's ability to interpret language correctly. Some individuals may see words as being backwards while others will start to write backwards. This makes it difficult for these people to function because nothing makes sense to them. However, these individuals often excel in observation.

Dyslexia school which helps children to take care of their body and mind.This condition is another that is often misunderstood as a person not being able to learn. In actuality, these individuals are capable of being able to learn they just have to work through their learning curve differently.

Dyslexia School

We taught only Value education that it is a method used to control the lives of others. When a children goes to school they are bombarded with several different subject areas. They have reading, writing, math, science, social studies and other subject that they are expected to learn. Many children will have their set of own learning goals to meet and become confused by this influx of additional information. Many children may struggle with learning these topics because they are trying to meet expectations of others, but Cognito Academy find the children area of interest. Many children have their own unique way of learning or activities, others do their best to conform to the controlled standards of learning that is presented in many schools. Cognito Academy Dyslexia School will investigate and use their creative mind, this is rarely utilized in schools. A person who is not interested in creative art, writing or another creative area uses their creative mind’s abilities. Therefore, a child who shows mild symptoms of a learning disability are often diagnosed of a learning disability or hyperactive children they are very well care in our academy.

Cognito Academy, Dyslexia School

Follows set of exercises and nutrition to maintain skills that are needed to learn. Dyslexia tries to require that these children measure up to normality.

The problem with mental health experts is that they range in their abilities. Our Dyslexia School staffs are completely quality therapist, Not all counselors are alike we are concerned with following code of ethics and the route that other counselors deemed as normal or the correct way of doing things instead of allowing their own intelligence and intuition guide them through the correct steps. Breakdown in communication is one of the most common reason for failure in diagnose, but we in our academy our experienced staff follow certain ethic to take care of children. Our staffs study and simply looking at the past of Diagnosing Learning Disabilities and providing the best children counseling in Coimbatore.

Dyslexia School give more importance and observe children with mental illness than other children. As a child grows they are affected and influenced by many persuasive people behavior in their life. For many children, they are very intelligent and can easly observe consistency in behaviors and the reactions towards those behaviors. For example a child easily recognize the difference between good and bad behavior. Also they recognize what comes for that behavior, our academy teaches the children and make them realize.

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