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Cognito Academy is generously supported by a group of well wishers and taken care by the qualified professionals who have 15 to 20 years of experience in dealing with this kind of children.

Cognito Academy follows the Neuro-Psychological approach to teaching, helping kids & adults with learning differences and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity –related behaviour problems.

Our new scientific approach of Cognitive Assessment System (CAS) helps to identify the child’s cognitive strength and weakness and remediation is done by applying well researched (Multisensory, PREP –Reading Enhancement Programme & COGENT- Cognitive Enhancement ) educational strategies / methods.

With your help and support, your child with learning disabilities can:

  • Develop self-confidence and a positive self image
  • Use their areas of strengths to make up for their difficulties
  • Learn to cope at school and at home
  • Grow into a successful capable adult

Dyslexics are full of potential, but far too often they have to leave school to use it.

Together, We Can make them reach the top!
Basic Information
Academy Name Cognito Academy for Learning Achivement
Services Teaching, Therapy, Training Programme
Proprietor Type Single
Proprietor Name Dr. N.Lakshmanan

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